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Redevelopment in Baton Rouge: Facing New Challenges

Baton Rouge, LA
Mar 6, 2006

The Bruner Loeb Forum, in conjunction with the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, the Smart Growth Leadership Institute and Fannie Mae Foundation, hosted a day long event entitled Redevelopment in Baton Rouge: Facing New Challenges. Baton Rouge, like many Gulf Coast cities was searching for effective ways to provide housing and services for a new influx of population due to Hurricane Katrina. In addition, the city has a significant pool of abandoned properties ripe for infill development, and is facing the challenge of how best to return those properties to productive use. The meeting presented various models of redevelopment authorities, private public partnerships, and public land banking in communities across the country. Case studies were presented, and a day-long discussion regarding the applicability of the cases to Baton Rouge ensued. The meeting was attended by Mayor Holden, and two Councilmen from the Baton Rouge community as well as public officials, policy makers, and active citizens.

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