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Lawrence, MA

Lawrence Community Works website


What is Lawrence Community Works?

  • A growing network of over 700 members committed to Lawrence's revitalization, many of whom volunteer in everything from community outreach to youth development;

  • The Summer Street Project, an affordable home-ownership and playground development project that has substantially revitalized an entire one-block section of CommunityWorks' primary target area;

  • Family Asset Building programs including the design and technology-centered Young Professionals Initiative for youth, English literacy, financial literacy, and savings programs for adults;

  • Our House Center for Design and Technology, a planned community educational and economic development resource;

  • Reviviendo Family Housing project, a 17-unit scattered site affordable rental project that is renovating four key historic and abandoned houses in the North Common;

  • Reviviendo Gateway Initiative, a diverse group of businesses, institutions, neighborhood residents and other stakeholders driving the revitalization of the City's Gateway area (the historic mill district, downtown, and adjacent residential neighborhoods);

  • NeighborCircles organizing strategy, which has involved over 50 new residents in CommunityWorks projects and other community development efforts over the past year;

  • The PODER Leadership Institute, providing rigorous training for residents in leadership and community-building skills.

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