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Designing for Equity, 2014
Legacy Cities Design, 2013
The Art of Placemaking: Forum on Artist-Led and Culture-Initiated Redevelopment, 2012
Putting Creativity to Work: Stronger Communities Through Locally Rooted Art & Design, 2011
City as a Stage: Placemaking for the Performing Arts, 2010
Urban Adaptability: Sustaining Place in a Dynamic Environment, 2009
Anchor Institutions: Expanding Roles in Placemaking and Sustainability, 2008
Building on the Best of Birmingham, 2008
Third Ward Texas: Learning from Project Row Houses, 2007
Redevelopment in Baton Rouge: Facing New Challenges, 2006
University of Virginia, 2005
Senate Bill 100: Past, Present and Future, 2005
Harvard Design School, 2004
Chattanooga, 2004
Chicago Cultural Center, 2003
The Getty Center, 2003
Harvard Design School, 2002

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